Whether you would like start-up a nonprofit or grow an existing nonprofit, below you will find several service packages to meet your needs. Monthly payments are available for all packages for your convenience.

We have three packages for our starting nonprofit enterprises to pick from that will meet your budget and needs. Each package consists of three phases, each of which takes four months to complete. We will work as a team to establish, build, and launch your nonprofit organization for the next 12 months. You and your organization will be prepared to receive funds from a variety of significant sponsors and funders. Again each package includes the following phases:

There is a lot that goes into creating and sustaining a nonprofit organization, but you don't have to do it all by yourself. I'll be with you and your board throughout the process. The packages we offer are listed below.


Our Standard package is perfect for a nonprofit company with a limited budget that doesn't want to invest in our Branding Marketing package. You will receive all of the above-mentioned phases without the Branding Marketing elements.


Our Premium package is perfect for a nonprofit company who desire to include the Branding Marketing elements. Every marketing team, especially those in charity companies, is challenged to accomplish more with less. Resources are often limited, and teams are tiny. However, you see the value of branding your nonprofit to attract a wider audience. Our nonprofit branding marketing will help you generate traffic, raise donations, and raise visibility for your organization. Our Nonprofit Branding Marketing Package:


Our Enterprise package is for nonprofits who want to submit the regular 501(c)(3) long-form 1023 instead of the shorter 1023EZ. The process takes much longer, and the filing fee is $600, compared to $275 for the 1023EZ. The traditional 501(c)(3) form 1023 is 12 pages long, including any schedules or attachments that may be required. While not every company is expected to fill out every page, the average application package has 50 to 100 pages of information. Our Nonprofit Branding Marketing aspects are also included in this package.


Grow your nonprofit’s leadership team. This package offers a variety of training and courses to help strengthen and support board and performance.

I assist nonprofits in determining if they have the right number of board members, the right mix of board members, and how the governing body should be structured and operated in order to achieve its goals through assessments and providing training to increase the strength of board. Package includes:


I offer assistance in funding/grants approach, research prospects, and proposal overview. This package includes: