Boards are complex organizational groups that need ongoing support to maintain their effectiveness.

YNA assist nonprofits in determining if they have the right number of board members, the right mix of board members, and how the governing body should be structured and operated in order to achieve its goals through assessments and providing training to increase the strength of board.


YNA assist in providing leadership coaching. Coaching typically includes sessions with the development executive directors and leaders that include: self-assessments of individual strengths and growth areas; discussions of team growth and development needs; setting personal and team goals along with strategies and behavioral indicators that will indicate progress toward goals.


YNA helps our clients conduct fundraising assessments, fundraising campaigns to ensure the organization reach the financial goals that is needed to make a Community IMPACT.


We can or assist in research prospects, draft proposals, and finalize submissions.


YNA helps you build that strategy by first helping you assess your existing organizational structure, products and services.


YNA takes the time to look at an organization’s unique mission, setting, strategic challenges, and opportunities when designing a structure that creates and supports a high performing team and organization.


YNA helps organizations assess their governance or operational structure and find the optimal model and processes that will enhance organizational success.


YNA assists organizations in developing performance management systems that manage to outcomes. There are a number of different terms used in the field to describe this process, including performance measurement, managing to outcomes, becoming outcomes-driven, and performance management. In this report we use the term performance management.

Performance management is more than collecting, analyzing, and reporting data. It is the multi-step, self-correcting process of using explicit and measurable objectives to clarify what the organization is doing and achieving, and adjusting activities as needed.


YNA assist in creating detailed financial strategies for organizations of all sizes. These can be overall financial strategies or specific ones focused on fundraising, earned revenues, membership, or on financial impacts of capital projects.


Many organizations underutilize data of all types, but particularly service outcome and fundraising data. Data can provide powerful information if it is accurately collected, analyzed, and used to improve organization effectiveness. We can assess your utilization of data, and we can help you to implement a system in which you’re using your data to strengthen your organization.