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Hello there, my friend. It's a true honor that you've chosen me to help you start, develop, or expand your nonprofit business dream. My goal is to empower, educate, and motivate you to start a nonprofit that will have a significant influence in the community. Allow me to tell you a little about myself and how I came to be here. I am married to my best friend Larry L. Burton, Jr. and the mother of four beautiful daughters: Tiffany (Travell), Takesha, Larea, and Jalah and the grandmother of two Tamia Elaine and Traden. I love being a wife, mother, grandmother, mentor, and pioneer with my hubby as we set the bar for marriages, families, ministries, and businesses. Being the founder of various programs, businesses, and ministries has provided me with extra ideas and a game plan to help you win.
My quest for knowledge was transformed by a near-death experience and a personal encounter with Jesus, which led to a search for the truth about who God is and what He desires for my life. My personal and triumphant experiences demonstrate that God's mighty might is still active today.

After being introduced to community development 23 years ago, I fell in love with it. Now, in my consulting practice, I employ my unique strengths in both asking and giving, as well as strategic thinking, fiscal management, effective communication, and facilitation. Throughout my 22-year career, I've worked as a nonprofit CEO and development specialist, as well as a grant writer for corporations and foundations.

I have supported change to improve the performance of the community and family-based organizations, and I continue to do so. I've worked with hundreds of nonprofit organizations and foundations on organizational capacity building, board development, strategic planning, fundraising, succession planning, and governance. Raising tens of millions of dollars to help nonprofits and community-based programs achieve their goals and create capacity.

My consulting practice is founded on a strong belief in the nonprofit sector. Our whole focus is on assisting a nonprofit in developing organizational capacity through a collaborative approach with a strong board and staff partnerships. I use my professional and personal experiences, as well as best practices, to assist nonprofits in making informed decisions and establishing internal processes in order to strengthen and stabilize their organizations.

Certified Facilitator & Trainer for the following:

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I served on various community boards such as the vice-president for the Morning Dove Center for Teen Girls and internship membership for the I M Sulzbacher Center Homeless. Using my career experiences, connections and resources, I desire is to Educate, Engage and Empower you to make a great Community IMPACT.

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