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Consulting /Coaching

I provide non-profit consulting and coaching. Startup, board assessments, team growth, and development need defining charity goals, fundraising strategy, and other subjects are frequently discussed in sessions with development executive directors and leaders.

Board Development

Boards are complex organizational organizations that require continual assistance to remain effective. Through assessments and training, I assist organizations in evaluating if they have the correct number of board members, the right mix of board members, and how the governing body should be constituted and managed to achieve their goals.

Funding/Grant Seeking

I can help with approaches to funding/grants, research prospects, and proposal overviews.


Do you aspire to make a positive difference in our community and people's lives? My services are appropriate for anyone who wants to start a new nonprofit organization, community program, or reorganize an existing nonprofit organization.

As Your Nonprofit Agent, I'll teach you how to incorporate, choose a board of directors, draft bylaws, craft a mission statement, apply for tax-exempt status, develop a budget, create a marketing plan, look into fundraising alternatives, and so much more.

Allow me to assist you in making your vision a reality.

Your Non Profit Agent
Teresa Burton
Founder CEO

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